DIY Transcoding - ffmpeg video codecs


I’m looking to better match the colorspace of some of our videos. What are the acceptable video codecs that I can use with screening room? libx264 works but the color does not correctly match the source. I tried libx264rgb which matches the source but does not appear to work with screening room.
Any recommendations?

It’s not really related to the DIY Transcoding,
But I modified the quicktime made by RV when submitting through the Submit tool because we had Color Match problem as well.

Basically in the, I forced the codec to libx264, but needed to force -outparams vcc:color_range=2
color_range=2 force YCbCr Matrix to 709 and only then our H264 would color match our sources.

Hope this can help


using libx264 I was able to add a -colorspace flag to ffmpeg which I set to bt709. (-colorspace bt709). This at least makes the colorspace align to the source in Nuke (which amounts to nothing more than it setting the default colorspace when a file is read in).
Whether or not it makes it look correct in screening room I am yet to ascertain.

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