Did not find a registerCallbacks?

Running into the following Critical debug message.

CRITICAL:engine:Did not find a registerCallbacks function in plugin at /root/sg-jira-bridge-master/triggers/init.py.

When executing the following py script.

python shotgunEventDaemon.py foreground

Any help will be much appreciated.

Any contents of that folder (which has been added to your event daemon .conf) must be of the form of a plugin. __init__.py or init.py should be removed.

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Thx btw!
Removing the ./sg-jira-bridge-master/triggers/pycache/ and ./sg-jira-bridge-master/triggers/init.py fixed the trigger issue!

Now I need to figure out why I’m getting “Rejecting Shotgun event for…” DEBUG from the sg-jira-bridge service.