Closing busy dialog from a sub process


I was wonder if there is a way to close or rather call sgtk.platform.engine.clear_global_busy()
in an application from a bootstrapped sub-process when the sub-process completes.

I feel like the problem that I am having is that the app is using the tk-desktop but the sub-process is calling tk-maya to run the publish.


Hey @Dfulton1

I’m not clear on the overall issue here, what you are trying to solve?

From what I do understand, you are launching Maya from Sg Desktop, and you would like a Toolkit Application running in Maya to communicate with Sg Desktop, to close a window?

Whilst it is possible to set something up, we don’t have a server running in Sg Desktop listening for commands, so you would have to implement one. But I don’t know what the overall goal is here?

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I have created an app to republish assets.
the app bootstraps tk-maya to run in batch using a subprocess I have it opening a show busy while it is processing the files I just need it to close said busy window when the processes are complete


Ah OK, yeah your’ll need to implement that communication yourself. I’ve done something very similar in the past with a Toolkit application and a batch process, and I used Qt to help me communicate across the two processes. The nice thing was that I was able to pass progress back to the main application from my batch process, and also send cancel commands from the main app to the batch process.

I can’t remember now exactly how I set it up, but SG Desktop actually does a similar thing to communicate between the main Application and the spawned Python process that bootstraps the Toolkit Project.

Basically you set up a server and client on each side so you can hold a conversation between them.

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