Cannot modify Review Notes Layout

Is this intentional or have I missed something?

I’d like to adjust the layout of the Review Notes app, but I can’t. The option is not selectable:

I can add fields and save them, but I can’t modify the layout beyond dragging the split between the two panes.

There are limited options in the page dropdown to the upper right… but nothing that lets me edit or design the page:

I’m admin… what am I missing?

I can’t check right now but there was a bug a few weeks ago relating to the “Design Page” mode.
If this is replicatable for others it may be related.

Good to know… The whole notes app layout drives me nuts… especially the main page which also can’t be changed:

I can’t change the width of the window, I can’t change the sort order, which seems to be some “last modified” date, but many revert to 1 second ago…


If there was any way at all to design, change, or modify this layout, I’d be so happy.