Breakdown App - where is the debug output?


I’m extending tk-multi-breakdown via hooks within Maya and would like to know where the error log appears.

If I add self.logger.debug(“poop”) it appears within the Script Editor; however non-explicit log statements are not appearing.

Meaning; I’ve broken the code, it won’t run, but it isn’t logging this anywhere I can find, and thus I can’t debug my broken code.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, clinton

To be super clear;

SGTK is in debug mode and general outputs go to the Maya Script Editor.

I’ve screen shot the error I’m seeing now, but do not see any logs related to the error (python exception code would be really handy!).


I managed to fix the code.

If a dev is interested in how I broke things such that exception logging was non-existent, please let me know and I’d be happy to assist. I saw similar behaviour with the Loader.