Autoload OpenColorIO Basic Color Management RV package

I’m trying to make sure OpenColorIO Basic Color Management package is loaded when launching an RV session.

This seems to run fine

rvpkg -optin "OpenColorIO Basic Color Management"

But launching rv afterwards doesn’t autoload the package unless I had it loaded in a previous RV session. To test this, make sure the package is unloaded, close down rv. Now try to autoload it with these commands and run rv. It doesn’t autoload the package.

When running it again I get:

rvpkg -optin "OpenColorIO Basic Color Management"
# ERROR: C:/openrv/plugins/Packages/ocio_source_setup-2.4.rvpkg is not an optional package -- ignoring

It also doesn’t work if I do it with the explicit package name:

rvpkg -optin "ocio_source_setup-2.4.rvpkg"

However when launching rv afterwards it’s still not loaded:

The rvload2 file shows:


Which according to this makes it:

from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import Any

class PackageLoad:
    name: str
    package: str
    menu: str
    shortcut: str
    event: str
    loaded: str
    active: str
    rv_version: str
    optional: str
    requires: Any = None        

line = "ocio_source_setup,ocio_source_setup-2.4.rvpkg,nil,nil,nil,true,true,4.0,false,1.0.0"
state = PackageLoad(*line.split(","))
# PackageLoad(name='ocio_source_setup', package='ocio_source_setup-2.4.rvpkg', menu='nil', shortcut='nil', event='nil', loaded='true', active='true', rv_version='4.0', optional='false', requires='1.0.0')
# true

Which seems to say that it’ll be loaded, but it doesn’t.

How can I make sure the package is set to load before I launch RV?

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