Are there future plans to host the python API on PyPy?

The workflow right now at our company is to fork the ShotGrid repository, build it through our pipeline to publish the artifact to our company artifactory. Then we have multiple python services that pull the package from there.

This works fine because there are not too many version releases for the python API but it does take time and effort to pull in the latest updates and having it be accessible within our company network.

I believe in 2019 it was mentioned here that there was no indication of moving it to PyPy, has that changed since then? Thanks!


Hey Dellinger,

just wanted to mention that you can still pip install the SG Api though:

pip install git+

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+1 from me, for hosting the python api on PyPI. I would like to see tk-core on it as well if possible. Having it on PyPI is making it more intuitive to use on any custom python project and also integrates into the python eco system much better. Setting up some GitHub action to auto-upload on each new release is not too difficult. Hopefully someone at Autodesk takes the time to do it. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

Unfortunately we have a hard requirement of having our dependencies come from PyPi. For security reasons, our build images don’t pull from git directly.

Maybe add this to the roadmap?