Application wrappers

I’d love to get your opinion on which application wrapper(s) do you prefer using, Rez or something else or do you roll your own? Along the same lines, which do you think jives best with SGTK’s system?


Hey @Sreenathan_Nair—your questions are in the spirit of discussion over in #pipeline which also tends to have a larger audience, so I just moved this over. :slight_smile:

Thanks @johnny.duguid :slight_smile:

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Also, in the meantime, there have been a handful of discussions across the forum where wrappers are discussed that may provide some useful real-world context. You’ll find them by searching for wrapper.

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Hi @johnny.duguid,

I really should have checked before starting the discussion, thank you for the information. :slight_smile:

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No worries! I’m here to help make connections to the info you seek! It’ll also be useful to have this more open discussion thread, so :+1: x :100:!