API upload movie to version failing in Nuke

Hi all,

I’m rendering a QT in Nuke, and I’m struggling to get it to automatically upload once its completed.

In my write node I have ‘before render’ to import my python file, then running the same python via the ‘after render’ box.

Screenshot 2022-05-24 175038

my code creates a version in the correct place, then tries to upload the rendered QT to that version.

Here is the code that does the upload:

        # upload the movie
        sg.upload("Version", version['id'], mov ,'sg_uploaded_movie')

Where version is the version entity I just made, mov is a path the QT.

When I run the render locally it all works fine, renders the QT, makes the version and uploads it successfully, but when I render it on the farm it makes the version, just can’t upload the QT.

Do I need to add any more params to the sg.upload?
field_name or display_name?

I’ve also seen people reference retires on the upload command, but not sure how to implement any of this.

Or is there a port I need to ensure is unblocked on the farm machines?


It would be good to see what error message it generates on the farm.

Hi Ricardo,

There are no errors that i can see - that half the issue.

Its not erroring and giving and failure log - its just not uploading - i guess its because its running as a separate process the output isn’t getting carried through

On my renderfarm any errors will definitely be present in the failed job report.
Can you print the upload command so it shows what it returns?