Anyone interested in some workflow help?

Hi there,

If anyone is interested in some Flow/SG workflow help, feel free to drop me a line. I’m on leave from my current full time roll in the VFX industry while it gets through the current work decline.

My job was to help production staff, management and developers navigate and make the most out of Flow/SG. I focus on non-code related solutions and helping studios create flexible workflows while pushing for ease of maintainability. I also provided training/demos sessions, setup management level reporting, database overhauls for efficiency and RV/review workflows and client interactions. That said, I’m happy to help in any way with production management related needs.

I’m open to short-term or consultation work.

Feel free to reach out through linkedIn or reach out directly here. Happy to chat

P.S. What industries outside of VFX is everyone using Flow/SG in? Just curious :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading


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