Any best practices for exporting Gantt charts from Shotgun?

Are there any best practices for exporting Gantt charts from Shotgun?

I’m thinking about just exporting the data and loading it into MS project to recreate the Gantt chart there. However, I was wondering if anybody has a different approach that potentially involves less steps.

Thank you!


Hey Christian!

I don’t know if we have any recommended ‘best practices’ per se, but you could definitely (as you are already aware) pull the relevant data via the API. Some fields you’d want to make sure to grab in order to reconstruct the graph would be ones like start/end/duration, upstream_tasks, downstream_tasks, dependency_violation, pinned, and the like.

Just out of curiosity (and not to open toooo big a can of worms), what’s missing from the gantt chart that’s motivating you to have it elsewhere?

Hope this helps a bit,



Hello Tony,

Thank you for the feedback. To my knowledge, there’s nothing missing in particular, but our production team wants to share the gantt chart with external users.

I’ll give the export/import solution a try, and report how it goes.

Thanks again


Hey Christian, this is a good use case for us to consider. If you haven’t already, it would be great to submit this as an “Idea” on our roadmap page. I could imagine a feature that is an expansion or corollary of the Client Review Site, that allowed you to share schedules with external client users in a read-only capacity.