All sources in view

I feel weird asking the sort of question that would normally be asked of me, but I must be having a brain-fart today.

I’m failing to remember how to efficiently grab all sources connected to your current view (regardless of depth). extra_commands.nodesInEvalPath takes a specific frame, but I’m looking to essentially walk the tree from (say a sequence node) and find all nodes across all frames that are of a type.

I could of course walk the graph recursively on my own, but something in the back of my head says there was something that did this for you and now I’m blanking.

Any tricks out there? Help me, you’re my only hope!

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Are you looking for commands.metaEvaluate?

As an example the extra_commands.findAnnotatedFrames() function uses that to query all nodes involved with evaluating a sequence boundaries for all nodes of a specific type being involved.

The extra_commands.sourceMetaAtFrame is maybe a simpler example using metaEvaluate which just filters by node type to only source type nodes.