Adding Working File Data

Hi All I am new to Shotgrid, but trying my best to put things together!

Currently with tk-multi-workfiles2 Im looking to figure out how best to add a custom label that holds and artists short description on what the file is. I’ve manually edited the to include the qlabel, but now I’m stuck in trying to find the best way to hold the data and get/set it on the file_widget.

Think I was able to get my request working. So for anyone else you’d need to modify the tk-multi-workfiles2 App in which ever form your looking to add custom UI to. In my case I needed to add a lineEdit in the Keep in mind youd want to make a copy of the App and point it in your custom app_locations.yml for your edits. After that I used the hook_filter_work_files to help inject data to the work_file data. Then with that data I can grab and set custom UI information.