Add "short_name" key to templates.yaml

Hi! I’m creating this topic, after this one for a more specific question.

Do anybody know how could I use the short_name key (that corresponds to the pipeline step’s short name) for the Maya paths defined into the templates.yaml?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @aaaa !

There is already a key in the template.yml that corresponds to the pipeline step short name. It is called {Step}.
Hope that does what you want.
Also it is a bit tricky to use arbitrary fields of entities as keys in templates. It is possible but you likely need to adjust all the hooks where templates with that key are used. The pipeline step is somewhat of an exception since it is used quite regularly.

Hope that helps.


Wow @Fabian thank you so much for pointing this out. Actually I was sure that the {Step} field was the long name for the step. Something led me to this idea and I was struggling looking into the wrong direction.

I hope I will not need the use of arbitrary fields of entities in my templates, but the possibility exists unfortunately. So in this case, if I understand correctly, I should “take over” a hook and modify its de logic?

Again, thank you a lot and have a great week end!

Yes that is correct. I would suggest that you familiarise yourself with the SGTK Templates so you understand how they work and build the resolved paths eventually.
For taking over hooks there are a lot of options. I personally like the distributed configs but it really depends on your studio and personal preferences.
The learning curve is somewhat steep. Good luck :smile:


Thank you again @Fabian !

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