A new version of tk-core has been released!

This page holds the release Notes for the Toolkit Core API.

Note: Version numbers not appearing in this list have not been publicly released - usually due to issues discovered in our Release QA process. While such versions will never be available through the Toolkit App Store, they may still exist as tags within Github. We recommend avoiding such releases in production as they may not be completely stable.

See the complete release note.


Updated core's python-api to the latest version (v3.3.2).


Allow shallow git clones when using git descriptors.


  • Skipping a complete clone of the repository by sorting tags by their version string. Which makes the process of getting the latest version faster.
  • Git clones is now getting the greatest tag version value from the git repository and not the most recent created tag.
  • Versions are going to be created using semantic versioning format.


Replace old support urls with Autodesk Knowledge Network and Developer Documentation pages.


Fixed an issue which could occur when executing dump_config with --sparse parameter.


Fixes the issue that occurred when a git_branch descriptor is pointing to a commit different than the last one, also fixes the TypeError when the git_branch descriptor version is pointing to a numeric commit hash.


Improve the Autodesk identity login UX adding new environment variables.

  • TK_SHOTGRID_DEFAULT_LOGIN can be used to set the Autodesk Identity username, an email. It will be used to pre-fill the email field.

  • TK_SHOTGRID_SSO_DOMAIN to indicate the email domain associated to Autodesk Identity for the SSO login (requires a Premier Subscription). This allows the user to bypass the initial Autodesk Identity login page and go directly to their company SSO system. If the domain set is NOT associated to SSO, then the normal Autodesk Identity flow will be used.

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ShotGrid branding updates.


Updated core's python-api to the latest version (v3.3.4).


Fix unicode issues whe login and working with files.

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Fix the logic in the resolver so that Python 2 users do not depend on having 'SGTK_CONFIG_LOCK_VERSION' environment variable set to block auto update to the latest config version.


  • Add logging and retries for URLError
  • Remove six.ensure_str to formatter function
  • Update SSO domain env var
  • Update outdated third-party
  • Bump setuptools from 36.0.1 to 65.5.1 in /tests/python
  • Bump certifi from 2020.06.20 to 2022.12.7 in /python/tank_vendor/shotgun_api3/lib
  • Fix Memory Growth Issue (Thanks to @blambright)
  • Fix: utf-8 in pickle dumps (Thanks to @zavinator)


Remove test dependencies (400+ files removed). Update to warning message for plugin ids.


  • Added SGTK_PROJ_THUMB_OLD to environment_variables.
  • Update object copy syntax to be compatible with older Pythons.



What's Changed

  • App Session Launcher foundation
  • Specify 'utf8' encoding when reading YAML data from disk
  • First step to supporting PySide6

Full Changelog: https://github.com/shotgunsoftware/tk-core/compare/v0.20.19...v0.20.20

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What's Changed

  • Fix the issue when Nuke <=13 crashes on exit confirm message box.
  • Fix the TankError error due to a Python 2 syntax when launching DCC's from SG Desktop.



What's Changed

  • Fix the issue introduced in tk-core v0.20.21 happening on Windows where the login confirmation dialog is hidden in the foreground behind the new SG Desktop login dialog.
  • Remove external tests dependencies for Python3.



  • Improve developer documentation regarding tk-core hooks
  • Detect the application name sent to ShotGrid
  • Remove warnings raised by CI tests
  • Bump python-api to v3.3.6
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What's Changed

  • Improve unit tests.
  • Send metrics to ShotGrid regarding the authentication experience. This includes:
  • user_authentication_method (default, oxygen, saml, ...)
  • auth UX (basic login/password, web login, local browser)
  • client UI (qt_dialog, console)
  • renewal (true/false)
  • Fixup Python 2 compatibility.
  • Introduces the 'default_storage_root' hook that makes it possible to use a single configuration to switch between different storage roots per project.

Known Issues

  • The "Jump to File System" menu action from the ShotGrid menu may ends up opening more than one filesystem path associated with the current context entity when the "default_storage_root" hook is implemented (SG-32038).