Using Department in Filters

I can’t seem to figure out how to use Departments in filters. Where there is Artist > Person > Groups there is no Artist > Person > Department. I would expect to find Department anywhere I find Groups… why is this not the case?

Can you post more info on the entity you are trying to filter?
Department is available anywhere Person properties are filterable as far as I can see…

In this case I am trying to filter Versions by Artist Department. Note that the “Department” fields on our versions are all blank, so I was trying to access it by Artist > Person > Department where the field itself does not show up (even though it exists).

I hate to be the “it works for me” guy, but… .:slight_smile:
On a page of Versions I’m able to set this saved filter:
using the Linked fields section at the bottom of the feld list

Interesting, it’s definitely not working for us. I guess I’ll start a ticket with Autodesk.