Upgrading Applications in the Shotgun Pipeline

Hi All,

I am new to Shotgun and would like to know what the procedure it to upgrade Terragen 4.4 to 4.5 . Currently, 4.4 is integrated into our Shotgun pipeline. 4.4 can be accessed and opened via Shotgun desktop on our workstations. 4.4 is on our render farm and we can run renders via Deadline which is also integrated with Shotgun with the associated context for the specific shot. Are there tutorials on how to do this or do I need a pipeline person to do this every time I need any applications updated?

It depends a bit on your setup. Are you using Software entities? How is software registered in Shotgun, or is it autodetected?
If using entities, you do not need a pipeline person, you can add new entities from the website yourself.
Regarding Deadline, some plugins allow versioning of applications, some don’t. The ones that do have an entry in their config file about each version allowed. Once added in the config file, you can change the actual path from the Deadline monitor. Not sure about Terragen, you’d have to check its configuration in the monitor and see if it supports multiple versions.