Thumbnails for a Person do not appear after upload

Tried png and jpg. Image doesn’t appear, just picture icon.

Some thoughts on things to poke at:

  • do you have permission to see that field on HumaUser?
  • if you look in the global Files list (Admin menu > Default Layouts > File > File List), can you see the files that were uploaded?
  • can you upload/create a new Version in a test project? If so, does that process fully complete? (e.g. the thumbnail and media for the Version get transcoded successfully and you can see both the thumb and the transcoded media?)

I am the site Admin. I’m not having a problem with Versions. It’s adding a thumbnail to a person including myself.

OK. Apparently you have to logout and log back in.

Right, but images for thumbs (like the HumanUser entity) go through the same process that a Version does, so if Versions are fine, then you know that the image upload process is also fine :slight_smile:

Glad you got it working.