Setting up SG for large senior project cohort w/multiple project types

Hey @reml - this should be the same pref (“See Assigned Projects Only”), just ticking it off for the Artist group. Then they could see any Project on your site.


Hey @tommy.kiser, does that mean they’ll be able to see other projects but not be able to change anything in them? That’s sort of what I was inquiring about. (and I think that’s also a bit of the last part of @reml 's initial request)

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Hey @Chad - generally Artists can’t change a lot in general, so I think this would get you most of the way there. They could create or reply to a Note, not sure if that is a concern. They could upload Versions, but that doesn’t feel terribly destructive either.

If you wanted Artists to have access to other Projects, but have permissions different in those Projects than what they have in Projects they are assigned to, that is not something we currently support OOTB.

Hope that helps.

I assume this also applies to Managers.

The fix above - stopping them from seeing non-assigned projects - works for part of my goal. And this most recent comment clarifies my concern on the Artists having global access. But it seems then that I can’t accomplish (OOTB) my goal of having project-specific managers that can still see/comment on non-assigned projects.

My multi-project academic cohort, where I want to minimize potential mistake edits (or even malicious actions - not expected but not out of the bounds of imagination) but also allow easy sharing between teams/projects, will have to use the default open-access roles as-is.

This week, before I had everything setup but had enabled the project-specific limitations, I needed to share a video from each project so everyone in the cohort could quickly comment on them. The fastest solution I was able to throw together was to set up a client review media page in a dummy project that everyone was assigned to. To get everyone to be able to view it and comment on it, I needed to enable “Can Share Playlist via Client Review Site” & “Can see Client Notes” under App Permissions/Client Review Site. I aso had an issue finding the actual direct link to share. In the end, this functioned in a pinch, but I’m not sure of the tradeoffs I may have made in the process or if it’s a model worth repeating.

If there is a way to easily share (all/most) submissions by artists to something like a client review site, then I could have the control of project-specific roles but still have easy cross-project sharing and commenting that I am looking for.

If not, then I will open access and through what training I can accomplish and community monitoring minimize any cross-project editing issues.

Obviously I am a n00b here and welcome suggestions on how better to accomplish my goals.

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments and support!

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Thanks @tommy.kiser - I guess I touched on a feature request in that case, sort of two different sets of permissions per-user. One for projects they’re assigned to and another for non-assigned.

Obviously it hasn’t been an issue for you guys, so it’s likely a bit esoteric. For now it’s not a big deal as we are just keeping the students restricted to their own projects.

I’m sure I could probably get something useable once I wrap my head around permissions and can fine tune them a bit better.


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@reml I like your idea of finding a simply way to share info across projects (although I agree your workaround seems laborious).

I just wonder if a lot of what you and I are asking for is sort of beyond the nature of the SG ecosystem. I can see why restrictions are mostly on/off due to necessity for SG, but it would be nice to be able to sort of flip a switch facility-wise to allow more open sharing of things across projects and users (at least in a view & comment-only sense).