Send Message to show in the Launcher's blue banner?

Is there a way to send a message through the blue banner of the TK Launcher?
I’d like to warn the users whenever there is an update of their actual configuration


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Rename the Pipeline Config?

Maybe the screen grab was misleading…
Here one that is more precise:
Whenever there is a general update or important info that SG whants to broadcast to all users (like the one in the grab above from not long ago) these messages are appearing in a blue banner on the TK Launcher.
I would like to be able to broadcast a message to my studio. Ideally also being able to fine tune the receivers, by user names, as to be able to filter and send to all animators for example. Hyperlinks are also super handy to be able to point them to detailed info

Have a look at the tk-desktop-framework which I think is what generates that message.
Maybe it can give you some pointers.

Thanks @Ricardo_Musch for pointing me to the code, even though it is quite a broad ocean. I had a look but util I decode how to make a custom notification it will take me time I sadly don’t have right now, so if you or anybody else has an example snippet I’d be very thankful :smiley:

I don’t currently but what I have been thinking of doing is instead of naming the pipeline config “Primary” to name it after the release version of the toolkit, so for example:


Then in a core hook we could put some code that queries the latest name of the pipeline config and compare to it’s current name.

We’d need a core hook that runs frequently, something like context_change

That could trigger a popup window to tell the user they are using an older toolkit config.