Publishing an autorig to rigging task from model context

I’m trying to publish an auto rig during a model publish I have most of the stuff working but it seems like it is using the rig publish path during the model publish and I’m having issue figuring out why the auto rig publish path which is a separate publish in the process is populating the model publish path . is there something I’m missing as to why it is holding on to the data from the auto rig publish in the model publish.

I have got most of this system working but I was wondering if there was a way to have the publish for the rig show up as published for the rig task. Currently it appears to only show up as published under the rig task after a new file has been created or registered.
I’m looking for a way to have this be done during this publish process so that it show as published to the rig task.
Thank you,

From what I’ve found its looking like if I could some how use the tk-multi-workfile2 scene_operation_tk-maya to just make a new file under the rigging context during the publish it would then register the file for the publish. I not really sure how to go about calling this. any help would be much appreciated.