Need help enabling the OCIO node through python

I’m trying to make a hotkey that does 3 things. I have a basic OCIO config loaded. Using one dropdown menu button I’m trying to set the RVDisplayColor output to Linear, enable the OCIO functions for the selected shot and select a color space. The second line doesn’t work. I’ve also tried and that’s also an “invalid property name”. Am I missing something? Do I need to disable #RVLinearizePipelineGroup or something like that BEFORE enabling OCIO?

    setIntProperty("#RVDisplayColor.color.sRGB", [0])                <--- this works

    setIntProperty("", [1])                     <--- no luck here

    setStringProperty("#OCIOFile.ocio.inColorSpace", ["SLog3"])      <--- this also works

Also, for every code iteration I’m forced to zip the package, open RV, disable the old one, remove the old one, add the new one, enable the new one and restart. Is there any other way to iterate through code faster? Is there no python terminal like there is in Nuke or Blender?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Mikael,

I have replied in 1:1 post with you but will paste here for others to find as well.

I hear you that RV can be a challenge to set up. It’s a downside of it being so configurable. But on the bright side once you can set it up you can really get what you want out of it.

To me it sounds like you’re trying to bypass RV color pipeline and force it to use OCIO instead? Is that correct? If so, you don’t need to go through manually turning off every single node. We already have a package that you can modify.

Have you had a chance to take a look at our OCIO setup guide? You can see some details on how to go through setting up your own OCIO here:

If you haven’t written a package before, you can get started here:

And if you’d like to see how RV’s color pipeline works in general, this is a good place to start:

If you would like to utilize a Python Console, you can enable Shotgun Review package, then go to RV -> SG review -> Initialize Shotgun. Then go to Tools -> Shotgun Python Console.... You can see API reference under RV -> Help -> Mu Command API Browser.

Also as a tip, you don’t have to reinstall RV package if you modify its Python or Mu file in-place in the RV_SUPPORT_PATH/Python/ area. You’ll still need to restart RV.

Hope this helps!