Loader: show different actions and file type depending on the department


I wanted to know what was the best way to configure the Loader app differently depending on the department the artist is in.

So for example I want an animator to have the assets tab open by default and see only the maya rigs, and a lighter to have the shots tab open by default and see only the alembics.

Additional question : When a rigger publishes a rig, it is sent to a single [asset_name]_ref.ma, in the loader it still show all the work versions, is it possible to show only the published file ?

Thanks a lot ! Cheers !


Good question!
So a simple approach would be to have separate instances of the app configured in the same environment with different menu names. The loader app has a menu_name parameter that can be configured, so you could have different loader options for your artists in the Shotgun menu, each will load a differently configured tk-multi-loader2.
Much like this but for the loader.
Obviously that wouldn’t hide the menus for other departments, but it’s simple.

Other options would include:

  • Create separate environments for each department, and modify the core/hooks/pick_environment.py hook to return the different environment based on the department of the user. (The user can be found in the context object, though you would need to do an additional sg find to get their department.)
  • Use the template hook to dynamically define the settings. Honestly, though, I think this would get messy and confusing, and it would be better to have separate environments. Here is an example of another place where I suggest it: Workfiles tab order

Thanks a lot, that should do it :slight_smile:

Cheers !