Getting Shotgun or sg command in Maya

Hi guys sorry but i got sgtk to import into maya now

So how will i get the shotgun command working in maya because i dont understand how to get that runing now eni help as always will be appreciated thank u

Trying to get this to run in maya

project_name = 'Test'

sg_project = shotgun.find("Project", [['name', 'is', project_name]])

print sg_project

so i have import the sgtk now into maya so what do i need to import or do for this one

Hi @WakaKrazyBunBun

I know you’re currently trying to import sgtk, but I just wanted to check if you really need the Toolkit API?

The Shotgun Python API can be used independently from the Toolkit API. The code snippet you posted above would only use the Shotgun Python API, are you also needing to perform Toolkit actions as well?

What is the overall goal of the script?

The over all goal of this script is to take a file and upload it to the shotgun website and submit it for review so i need to axces the sg.find commands and then also in sections i use the sgtk commands so i got the sgtk commands runing and working i am just struggling to get the sg.find command to work now it works if i open maya via your application but i would like to also get it two work without opening maya via your application

OK thats fine, thanks for confirming, I just wanted to check you weren’t going through all the effort to understand and import sgtk, if all you wanted to use was the Shotgun API.

You have another thread, which seems to be about a very similar thing. Is this a different question?

One is about the sgtk command and one is about the sg command but currently they are both converging two the same subject