Check custom fields


I’m looking for a way to monitor my custom fields in different projects, to be able to prune them if they are obsolete.
I looked into the API doc for methods linked to schema but can’t find a way to segregate between original fields and custom fields.
Is such a thing even possible?

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For starters, any field beginning with “sg_” is likely custom (or conversely, any field not beginning with “sg_” is definitely a system field)
You could then look at who created the field.

Hi Shicky,

well indeed this is a good way to start with, even if I have some false positive in my DB :slight_smile:
I think I won’t go with the API and stick to the webapp to filter out unwanted fields.
I just noticed the ‘Field type’ which seems of help too, i.e. a ‘permanent’ or ‘system_owned’ type is very likely to be a non-custom field.

Thanks for your help!