"Add person" button greyed out in WebUI

Hi, community!

I have a new problem I was not facing before. When I try to add/invite a new person to our sg-site, the “Create a new person” form disables the blue “Add person” button, after switching to a second input field.

For example, I can type in the “First name” and the I click with my mouse in the next field - “Last Name”. Or I can use the “Tab” key. I could click in any other field, what happens next is always the same - “Add another person” and “Add person” buttons become greyed out. Filling in all required information turnes the button NOT back on. There is at least a single free lic seat for the person I want to add.

Any idea, what’s happening? :smiley:

Intresting workaround found. I was able to edit the HTML code via Chrome “Inspect” feature. Just remove the disabled="true" attribute :smiley:

Everything worked perfectly. Invitation mail landed in the mailbox :smiley:

But I don’t think this is “the solution”? :smiley:

Hi @dietmar.kreider

This was a regression with this morning’s release, which has since been rollbacked.

Apologies for that,



Ah thanks! As I mentioned, I had a workaround, which saved my ass for the time being.
Interesting, that no one else had the issue

Hi @dietmar.kreider

Just to reassure you, you were not alone. Others had reported the issue via different channels.


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